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Hey guys, or just the people who read this, sorry it has been a long long long time since I did a journal. I have been really busy with school work and school activities. So I guess the reason for writing this is because I need to vent. Yesterday I had the worst day of my life, I found out the my cheerleading team has been suspended from doing any cheering for who knows how long. We can still practice but we can preform and it pisses me off because it was only a couple of people just being real bitches. Also I found out my counselors want to put me into regular science after I have been in honors science since ninth grade. Well all this stress made me break down and I started to cry in front of my new theater family. It was bad because, don't get me wrong I love hugs, but i got so many hugs I was starting to get really irritated. Anyway I can fix the science thing but I am going to go insane until I can truly cheer again.      
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I love hanging out with my friends and they make me a crazy person.

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    Paul McCartney
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    George Harrison
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    It depends on which class and what the assignment is
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    Not really
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    I wish I was a bit younger
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    I don't wanna grow up!
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    For the most part
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    The Beatles
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    They are real musicians and the music is so much different from most things. It's a lot better than music today and in all honesty I don't think they have one bad song.
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    Paul McCartney
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